In the future I'll post on this page if I suddenly have to go somewhere or will be otherwise unable to post for a while. It annoys me to have a random “sorry” post in the middle of the chapters, so I'll put the content of that one here and edit this page as needed.

Eight months later

I still exist! I will start updating this blog again soon, though I can't promise daily updates again right away.
(This is the 6th of march 2012)

I'm very sorry. A lot has happened. My mom came to visit, a close friend died, my baby got sick and I got a job. So it's not all bad, but I don't know if I'm going to write right now. I still want to finish the story (I always do finish stories, no matter how long it takes) but I'm feeling very uninspired, and sort of ... well, see the first sentence. See you all later.

OK, today's chapter is almost done and will be up soon. Sorry about the moaning yesterday, I think sleep deprivation had something to do with it too, and now I'm sort of extra sleep deprived and much more energetic. Like a ferret wearing a paper hat. Yes.

I'm really sorry! Again!

I'm posting here because I assume most of you wont check the page I made for these apologies. I am meant to post a new part in about eigth hours, but I don't see that happening. Mainly because here its 11 pm and I'm tired (I post at around midnight whatever time blogger has as default) but also because life really caught up with me over the past few days and I haven't felt like writing.

I don't mean to give anyone a bad mood by spreading mine around, but I've just been sort of depressed. I think I just found out a few things about a few people and I'm having to deal with all of that on top of a full time schedule, an energetic toddler, and a household.

And, well, to be perfectly honest, I'm beginning to feel like not too many people even enjoy this. I'm not sure if I'm writing for anyone but me (that is usually fine, but I don't need myself to write on a daily basis).

I'm not planning to make a hiatus or anything, I just need a few extra hours, maybe even a day or two, to get myself beck in a good sort of mood. And with the risk of sounding all whiny; if any of my few daily readers feel like letting me know if what I'm doing here is still worth it, that is sort of likely to get me moving a little faster. You don't have to. I'll probably be writing again soon either way.

But I *would* really enjoy hearing from someone - who wasn't asked by myself to give me their worst.


I'm SO sorry!! I have the chapters for the next few days ready, but life is busy bothering me, and I didn't manage to post one yesterday. They'll be up shortly!

Todays page was put up almost 12 hours later than usual. Sorry about that! I post a lot of chapters in advance, and when they run out I sometimes forget to put up the next ones.

Ok, I'm back, and happy to see from the stats that a few people are still checking in on this. Sorry I didn't post as promised - it was a lot more work than anticipated to return. I wrote two parts yesterday that I will post now, and I'll hopefully get a few more done now. Make sure to read both parts. To avoid confusion I'll post one with yesterdays date, but it's still new. Happy reading!

(Just posted chapter 4, part 5 and chapter 5, part 1)

As I'm currently on vacation and celebrating a birthday, updates are not going to be daily. I left on may 12 (so I did post a few things) and will be back home and updating on may 24. Untill then, this message will be on top, and you should not raise your expectations. 

I might still write and post. But most likely not. Happy ... may, people who don't even exist to read this!